About the PPC

The Pub Poker Championship is a completely FREE poker league with tournaments held nightly at the greatest bars, restaurants, and taverns in the Charlotte, NC area. Our events are full-service, meaning we manage every aspect of our poker tournaments, from our fully trained tournament directors, to top quality equipment, to our coveted prizes and awards.
Over the past 18 years we have become the best and fastest growing poker league in our market. Our mission is to provide our players & host establishments with an overall experience that exceeds their greatest expectation. Our results speak for themselves, but don’t just take our word for it… come out and see it for yourself!

Our League

We host multiple games almost every night of the week. You register to play a game by simply arriving at a tournament location 20 minutes prior to the start of the event.
The top 20 players at each nightly tournament will receive points based on their tournament placing. Players compete throughout the season to build up their points and ranking at each individual bar they play.
Each season is approximately 18 weeks long. At the conclusion of the season the top 10 at each location qualify for an entry into our TOC Championship.  Season point winners at each location will play a  special FINAL championship table the night before TOC.
At the conclusion of each season there will be a Season Ending Social (SES) that will be open to ALL PPC players who have played a minimum of 6 games at any of the host locations throughout the season. 

Our Difference

Our games are fully managed by our well trained and courteous Tournament Directors. Our games are played on felt covered pine wood table-tops, with 100% plastic Copag® playing cards, provider of the cards used at the World Series of Poker.
In addition, we offer more prizes to our players than any other league with simple, straight forward ways to win.